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Raquel and Inés, the teacher and the student, were leaving feelings of all kinds in me. He wanted nothing more than to wish that this story would never end. I was afraid to pinch myself or wake up from those dreams that you sometimes have to discover that what was happening to me was not real; But he was, and best of all, he enjoyed two women who had blood ties, but who were very different and not only in age and body. Perhaps for this reason, I felt like the exclusive protagonist. I was the center of attention, the invited character, and as such he should let me be guided as that guest who is politely entertained by the hosts when called to a house. Those who know the first part will know that after enjoying Raquel's sex and her statuesque body, I focused exclusively on her aunt Inés. However with Raquel this was impossible. She was not content with being inactive; although it never bothered; moreover, he wanted to please. That is why I was surprised that she was in charge of removing her aunt's underwear when I had asked her, and even more, that she dedicated herself while I enjoyed her sex to caress her aunt's large udders with her hands. , who already offered their huge fully erect nipples. Raquel standing behind her aunt and I squatting in front, we tried to fully enjoy the body that Inés offered us. Our hands now took center stage, she on his chest and mine penetrating again and again in her totally wet and excited clitoris. Inés seemed to be immersed in a climax that made her no longer hesitate to let go. Again Raquel took the initiative and asked me that she wanted to see my tongue in her aunt's pussy in the same way that she had felt it in hers. To do this, she sat on the back of the bed, removed the pillow and invited Inés to sit on her lap fully stretched, leaving part of her back and head at the navel of her niece. The invitation before such a stamp could not be rejected. I spread my legs to Inés and asked for Raquel's help to hold them up. Ines totally ecstatic and with her hands she took advantage of the small incorporation of Raquel to put her arms around her as a support while her head and shoulders continued to rest in her lap. I lay down in front of Ines' hairy pussy. In the fetal position I was ready to face the delicacy that was offered to me. With my fingers, I removed part of the pubic hair to start my journey. At the first contact I denoted traces of vaginal discharge or cum that, like threads, swarmed all over her pussy and that I began to absorb through licks. Ines's low moans were the only sound in the room. I looked up and saw how he enjoyed it. My hands resting on her hip in search of her nipples forced me to lie down on the rest of the bed. He hit me with the lower back but I didn't care. " What do you like gordi !!! Come my life, run !!! ", exclaimed Raquel to an Agnes who answered her gasping for the cry of" uhmm, ahhhhhh "that when I listened to it, it served to give life to my tired tongue already with so much movement and that, nonetheless, she made a last effort to win Inés the vaginal orgasm that I was frantically looking for in her, an orgasm that finally came accompanied by pelvic rhythms whose movement I found difficult to control, in my desire to savor the salty juice that now in my mouth it was offered. The sensation that the woman had to finally obtain, should be for her something never experienced and that her singleness, motivated by bad luck at the loss of her boyfriend, the moral taboos of the time or both reasons, they had prevented him from experimenting in his youth. Raquel was also aware of this, and while her ecstatic aunt remained lying on the bed still in her lap, she asked me to come over to thank me with an intense kiss that I reciprocated. I do not know how long we would have been having sex, but at this point in the evening, a slight pain, the result of continuous excitement, imprisoned my testicular area. Accustomed to routine powders, where after the typical foolishness, immediate action is taken, still not having ejaculated, on my penis, they produced that small testicular pressure that ended in pain. So I asked Raquel to masturbate me. Surely if I had penetrated any of them at that moment, I would have run immediately and that was not exactly my intention, also aware that I had to give two women pleasure, something that I did not fear because usually if the other person It excites and does not inhibit me, I do well, and I can assure you that this time I was not inhibited. To my request for masturbation, Raquel responded by saying, "Honey, champion, I'm going to do something better for you." And without more he made me get on my knees on the bed and stood like a naked maja in Goya's picture to suck it frantically. Ines, already incorporated at the other end of the bed, watched. "Slow down Raquel please," I said, to which Raquel stopped the rhythm and re-created herself in the morbid. My totally spliced ​​phallus accepted the little game that Raquel's tongue offered. I asked Inés to participate by massaging my testicles, which she agreed to. Running was a matter of a short time and I warned Raquel who, far from withdrawing her mouth, not only continued with her work but also approached her aunt to enjoy my milk between them. My enjoyment was bestial: the milk initially gushed into Raquel's mouth and once it had been withdrawn, in the face and body of the two women who had provoked in me one of those anthological bullfights that were only achieved from time to time. God how I could enjoy that! My legs were shaking, I took advantage of the fact that both women retired to the bathroom to accompany them. He feared that this would be the symptom that everything was over; but once again it was Raquel who insinuated that there was still room to fuck them. I was still amazed. Raquel used the bidet, meanwhile I asked Inés to share caresses in the sink, washing each other. Inés' caresses reactivated my penis, which, by sharing kisses and caresses with her, had already shown her erection again. The emotions for Ines were not over. The cut and the initial doubts of this at the beginning of the afternoon were now turning into the opposite, she was more comfortable and had decided to take the initiative. So without thinking he took my arm and led me back to bed. He hugged me, laid me down on the bed and gave himself up to a torrid kiss of those passionate people who sometimes give themselves to couples in love who meet again after a time of being absent. And I let myself go. Ines was unknown. He kissed me intensely from top to bottom, all over my body. His surrender in the kiss, rest assured that I had reactivated my libido again and more when Inés's mouth made contact with my penis again. I looked up to watch her play on my cock and what I found was her big boobs moving up and down accompanying the movement of her head in the game with my cock. What would be my excitement that I didn't even notice Raquel's return to the room. I got up, took Inés and started to take her huge breasts again while my hand grabbed her hairy pussy again. I wanted to drill her with my cock. I got on top and without hesitation I introduced it. Her pussy dilated fast and she comforted my cock. I noticed the presence of Raquel that I kissed on the mouth. Again she was not satisfied with being inactive and without thinking about it and, to my surprise, she began to caress the nipples of her aunt whose breasts bounced up and down with my pokes. Ines moans made Raquel, from caresses he passed to kisses and, without thinking, he went to suck his aunt's breasts. Now the protagonist was Inés who spread her legs in front of me receiving the movements of my cock and on the other hand her niece's mouth on her breasts. His enjoyment was demonstrated in his constant moans. I didn't want to come yet without at least changing the position, but I was going to have no choice. If he stopped it would break the enjoyment of Inés who surely would have already obtained an orgasm. "I'm leaving, I'm leaving!" I exclaimed. I felt my milk come out of my cock again, this time only and exclusively inside Ines, to which I was finally ecstatic and sweaty and hugged myself. I asked Inés about how she was doing. He didn't need to answer me, his gaze said it all. He looked at me and started stroking my hair and with a kiss he expressed his feelings. A few minutes passed in which Inés left the room again to take refuge in the bathroom. I took the opportunity to chat with Raquel about the unexpected of the events we were experiencing. She recognized that this was not new to her, but also unusual. He had come to share a bed when he had a boyfriend with another friend, but only room, they did not exchange. Nor did it go from sporadic relationships where there was not always sex. Regarding his aunt, he told me that he loved her very much, that he was very confident with her and that he believed that what was happening that night would make them more friends if possible. When asked if I was bisexual, he laughed, saying no. He commented to me that "women sometimes tend to share caresses and we do them better than men, because we all know how to make enjoy. It is rare for a woman without complexes who at some time in her life has not maintained relationships with other women. "" Me without going any further, "she said," I have done it a couple of times. One with a classmate on the end-of-year excursion and the other with a sad friend because of a disappointment in love who came to sleep one night at my house somewhat depressed. " The conversation ended with tender kisses. We both knew we had the best for both of us, but we preferred to leave it for another day. For today it was worth. That meeting came days later just the day of his march to Galicia; but that is part of another story. Today of Inés I only have his memory and what his experience gave me. I have not seen her again despite living in the same city. I have had occasional phone conversations with Raquel. I hope to see her again this summer. If the conditions are met, who says that this story cannot be repeated? Free Porn hqporner tubegalore incestflix ashemaletube xhamster xnxx yespornplease spankbang pornhub ixxx redtube incest porn mom son

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