Matthew Smith

Expertise CAN: Airport Security (NOT immigration). Airport planning and design. Airport development. Airline pricing/yield/revenue management (NOT prices for individual tickets) grant process PLEASE STOP ASKING QUESTIONS ABOUT HOW LONG IT TAKES TO FLY FROM A TO B!!! PLEASE STOP ASKING QUESTIONS ABOUT HOW MUCH PARTICULAR AIRLINES WILL CHARGE FOR YOUR BAGS! That's why your airline has a website! Experience Formerly Director of Operations at a small commercial airport. Formerly worked for a state government issuing and managing airport development grants. Formerly worked for TSA. (Not as bad as it appears to the average passenger.) Formerly worked at an airport in planning and operations. Also formerly worked as a Price Analyst for a wildly unpopular airline. Currently teaching overseas until the job market improves. Organizations AAAE, AOPA, AzAA Publications Collegiate Aviation Review (2008) Education/Credentials B.A. English and Religious Studies, Hobart College M.S. Aviation Management Technology, Arizona State University --specialty is airport planning and design best online sportsbook usa

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