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Kamis, 04 Agu 2011 11:53 WIB


3 Litters Water for Angkor Wat

Iie Rahayu
Angkor Wat is so large and dry
Angkor Wat is so large and dry
Angkor Wat is so large and dry
Angkor Wat is so large and dry
detikTravel Community - I would like to share my travel experience when I went to Ho Chi Minh and Siem Reap last April. I like to share this story because that was quite ridiculous.As usual, when I have a plan to travel, I start with doing some research. I collect some information about my destination. It’s kind of for my travel guide. Such as how to get there, where to stay, and etc. Actually, my concern is about the cost. I want to know how much money that I should bring. Because it’s important for a backpacker like me.Coincidently, my colleague had been Siem Reap a week before I went. So, I asked her travel experience, especially about accommodation, transportation, and life cost in Siem Reap. One thing that I most notice is a bottle of mineral water. According to her, the price of a common bottled water in Siem Reap is expensive. It’s 1 USD. That’s quite expensive if you go to tropical country which have a high temperature, Isn’t? It means you will need a ton of gallon of water. So, can you count how much it will cost if you stay there for 2 days? Perhaps, its will cost 50 thousand rupiah only for mineral water. Pheuw!Also, she told me that she was lucky because she brought a water heater. So, she can save her money for water. She influenced me. Do you know what I did?My route was Ho chi minh first then I went to Siem Reap. In Ho Chi Minh I found a bottle of mineral water with standard price. Then I decided to buy 2 bottles for my stock in Siem Reap. My sadness is I took a bus, a 12 hour land trip. So, I should bring my water in my backpack. Water is heavy right? Can you image that?The surprise was when I arrived in Siem Reap, I found a bottle of mineral water with price same as aqua. Well, I brought 3 liters of water on my back all day long. My struggle became worthless. Sick!Stupid me :(